Talomon Capital is a long-term fundamental investor that looks to understand each of its investments on a deep operational level, with significant resources deployed in proprietary idea generation and due diligence.


Talomon Capital is committed to responsible investment and has incorporated the consideration and thoughtful management of ESG issues throughout the investment cycle into its investment management process.

As a standard practice for all of our investments, Talomon Capital will:

  • Undertake ESG due diligence
  • Document findings on ESG-related issues for consideration in our investment decision-making
  • Monitor investments closely and address surfacing ESG issues directly with the company’s board and management

Red flags / identified ESG issues are considered material investment risks and significantly decrease the likelihood of Talomon Capital investing in a company on a long basis.

Sustainability Engagement

We look to drive climate change and sustainability initiatives in all our long investments. The rationale is as follows:

  • Future-proof our long investments by being ahead of societal trends and regulation
  • Drive a re-rating of the long investments through making them “ESG blue chips”
  • Create societal value on climate change and sustainability


Scorecard 2020 

Carbon Neutrality
Talomon Capital are proud to be a certified carbon neutral organisation, having independently measured and offset our carbon footprint via our UK tree planting project.

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